Here again to complete the 25 things for this year 🙂



OK so I looked up my own ‘random’ article.  The generated ones were strange.  I looked up the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panda , where I learned that a panda’s name means cat-foot-black and white!  Until you read the discussions, one of which says;

The name “panda” originates from a Himalayan language, possibly Nepali. As used in the West the name was originally applied to the red panda. Until its relation to the red panda was discovered in 1901, the giant panda was known as “Mottled Bear” (Ailuropus melanoleucus) or “Particolored Bear”.

The Chinese name for the giant panda, 大熊貓, literally translates to “large bear cat,” or just “bear cat” (熊貓).  So now you know.

Also there was a picture


All tagged up

I really like the delicious bookmarking, liked using other people’s tags.  I shall try it at home!  Could be useful for the blimming pc in the meeting room which has no favourites on it…


Movin on

So, I can look at RSS feeds now.  I liked this one National Geographic News: Animals & Nature  with some nice piccies on to look at.  I’ll need to add the Grapevine and Repository links now, to keep it serious.  Lots easier to use the Search tools, I used Syndic8 to find mine.


Blinkin eck.  There’s alot out there to look at.  Can’t say I’m besotted with the whole Flickr idea, I like taking pictures, but I’m not that bothered about other people looking at them, or looking at theirs!   (Holiday snap phobia). Also, my computer is doing its Friday go-extremely-slow-update thing, so everything is TAKING AGES.  I may add a picture to the blog later if Flickr ever finishes uploading them…

ere we go

Hello I’ve just completed 3 of 25 things. I’ve nearly used my hour trying to think of an original username…. Inspiration came from a book on my desk. Which tells you alot about the type of books I read.

Looking forward to next weeks missions…