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Here again to complete the 25 things for this year 🙂


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All tagged up

I really like the delicious bookmarking, liked using other people’s tags.  I shall try it at home!  Could be useful for the blimming pc in the meeting room which has no favourites on it…


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Movin on

So, I can look at RSS feeds now.  I liked this one National Geographic News: Animals & Nature  with some nice piccies on to look at.  I’ll need to add the Grapevine and Repository links now, to keep it serious.  Lots easier to use the Search tools, I used Syndic8 to find mine.

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ere we go

Hello I’ve just completed 3 of 25 things. I’ve nearly used my hour trying to think of an original username…. Inspiration came from a book on my desk. Which tells you alot about the type of books I read.

Looking forward to next weeks missions…

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